InfiniBox offers an extensive management suite for controlling the way your data is managed. The InfiniBox Management Console is a web application that can be accessed from any browser.

The suite of management interfaces comprises the following elements:

  • InfiniShell
  • InfiniBox GUI


The InfiniBox CLI comes with a rich, context-aware auto-complete, and with a simple and easy to use command structure that only takes administrators a few minutes to learn. With commands structured the same way across the board, administrators love using InfiniShell to accelerate and simplify their work. See Accessing the InfiniShell Console.

InfiniBox GUI

The InfiniBox GUI is a modern, easy-to-use application that features a responsive layout for multiple devices and resolutions. The entities' commands are available through a right-click menu. Search results are divided by category, such as actions and entities. All menus support keyboard navigation, including global keyboard shortcuts and global search. See Accessing the InfiniBox GUI.

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