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The main purpose of the ability to detach a link from a network space and to attach it back, is to allow for changing the network space configuration. 

The link can move from one network space to another, providing a flexibility in deploying and utilizing the InfiniBox networking resources. 

Link states

The replica link can be in either of the following states:

  • Connected - all of the IP addresses are available for the link 
    • The replication services of both source and target systems are communicating 
  • Degraded - at least one IP address is not available (is down)
  • Disconnected - none of the IP addresses is available 
    • The replication services are not available
    • A detached link is in a Disconnected state on both source and target systems

IP addresses redistribution

When IP addresses are removed and added to a network space that serves a Replication link, the removed IP address causes a shortage in either the Asynchronous or Synchronous IP addresses, and the added IP address automatically fills this shortage.

Changing the network space configuration (adding IP addresses, for example) is done in the following way:

  1. Detaching the link from the network space
    • This step suspends all replicas 
  2. Carrying out the changes to the network space. Available operations:
    1. Adding IP addresses
    2. Removing IP addresses
  3. Attaching the link to a network space
    • The link can be attached either to the same network space or to another network space
    • At the end of this step, the link needs to be refreshed and the replicas need to be resumed 


  • This task assumes that a link already exists.
  • In order to be attached to a network space, the link has to be detached.

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GUI instructions 

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, click the Replication icon on the let toolbar to open the Replication screen.
  2. Click the Links tab.
  3. Right-click a link and select Detach from the pop-up menu.
  4. Confirm the warning message.


  • The link is detached from the network space
  • The link state changes to Disconnected
  • Replicas that use this link are suspended locally

Once the network space configuration has changed:

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, click the Replication icon on the let toolbar to open the Replication screen.
  2. Click the Links tab.
  3. Right-click a link and select Attach from the pop-up menu.
  4. Select a network space.
  5. Click Attach.
    1. The link is attached to the network space
    2. The link state changes to connected
  6. Resume all replicas that were suspended upon link detachment.
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