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When InfiniBox joins an Active Directory (AD) domain, an InfiniBox machine account is created. InfiniBox uses the AD account to authenticate SMB users.

Support for SMB authentication

InfiniBox supports:

  • Authentication using Active Directory 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, or 2016 (Active Directory functional levels)
  • Cross-domain trusts within a domain tree or within a forest
  • Multiple domain controllers to provide failover support


  • The username and password of either an AD domain administrator user account or another AD account with permissions to create a new machine account
  • NAS network space

Adding and managing the connection to Active Directory

  1. In the InfiniBox Management Console, click the Settings icon on the left toolbar, and select the SMB tab.

  2. Click the Join Domain button.

  3. In the Join Active Directory Domain window:
    • Enter the FQDN of the AD domain.
    • For each domain controller to be used for InfiniBox communication to the AD, enter its IP address, and click Add.
      The IP address is added to the Controllers box.

      It is recommended to define more than one domain controller to allow for failover support.

    • Enter the user name and password of an administrator account in the AD domain.

      InfiniBox never saves the domain administrator name and password. You will be required to enter these credentials for any action, such as leaving the domain, that requires domain administrator permissions.

  4. Click Join Domain to add InfiniBox to the Active Directory domain.

To add or remove domain controllers, click the Update Settings button.

Breaking the connection to Active Directory

When InfiniBox leaves the Active Directory domain, domain users are denied access.

  1. Click the Leave Domain button.
  2. Enter the user name and password of the domain administrator account.

Related InfiniShell commands

  • config.nas.active_directory.join - adds a connection from the InfiniBox to the Active Directory
  • config.nas.active_directory.leave - breaks the connection from the InfiniBox to the Active Directory
  • config.nas.active_directory.query - lists the domain and preferred controllers for the connection from the InfiniBox to the Active Directory

For the complete list of InfiniShell commands, refer to the InfiniShell Command Reference.

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