About this task

This task provides a client with access to the filesystem.

The instructions below apply to:

  • Filesystems
  • Filesystem snapshots


  • A host, an IP address, or a range of IP addresses
  • An export of a filesystem or of a filesystem snapshot

Instructions for modifying export permissions

  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon on the left toolbar, and select the Datasets tab.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • For a filesystem: Select the filesystem name, and click the Exports tab.
    • For a filesystem snapshot: Expand the filesystem tree, select the filesystem snapshot name, and click the Exports tab.
  3. Select the export path.
    The Export Permissions window opens in the right pane.
  4. To add a new rule, click Add Rule. A rule is added with the following default settings:
    • Client - * (all clients)
    • Access - Read/Write
    • Root access - no
  5. You can modify a rule to apply it to specific clients.
    • To apply a rule to a specific client: In the Client column, overwrite the current value with an IP address, for example:
    • To apply a rule to a network range: In the Client column, overwrite the current value with the first and last IP address of a range, for example:
    • To apply a rule to all clients: Ensure that the value in the Client column is: *
  6. Select the appropriate access level and whether to allow root access. Permission rule enforcement is described below.
    Note: These access rights are only for the export. Access rights to the filesystem itself are set by the InfiniBox admin. See: Overview of InfiniBox user management.
    • Access - one of the following:
      • RO: read-only
      • RW: read/write
    • Root access - one of the following:
      • permitted
      • not permitted - This sets the export to root-squash
  7. Click Done.

Permission rule enforcement

If a client matches multiple rules, the most permissive rule takes precedence.

  • Between RW and RO, RW wins.
  • If any rule allows root access, then root access is allowed.

Note that the "winner" of the Access setting and "winner" of the Root Access setting can be from different rules.

For example, if the following rules are defined :




Then the root account on client would be allowed RW access, as the client matches the first rule which allows root access.

Related tasks

This task and all other filesystem tasks are available on both the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related InfiniShell commands

  • fs.export.permission.add - adding a permission to an export
  • fs.export.permission.modify - modifying attributes of a permission
  • fs.export.permission.query - querying for the permission attributes of an export
  • fs.export.permission.remove - removing a permission from an export
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