About this task

This task restores a filesystem from one of its snapshots.

Restoring relationships among the filesystem and its descendants

The filesystem and its snapshots form an ancestry tree. Within the tree, the filesystem can be restored from each of its snapshots.


  • A filesystem
  • A filesystem snapshot


  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon in the left toolbar, select the Datasets tab, and expand the snapshot tree of the filesystem to be restored.

  2. Right-click the name of the snapshot to restore from, or open the action menu in the settings column of its dataset row, and select Restore from this Snapshot.
    The Restore from Snapshot window opens.
  3. Select which ancestor of the snapshot to restore.
  4. Click Restore.
    The selected filesystem is restored from the snapshot.

Related InfiniShell command

  • fs.restore - restores a filesystem from one of its snapshots

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