About this task

This task deletes a link between two systems.


This task assumes that the following entities are defined:

  • Link

GUI instructions

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, click the Replication icon on the let toolbar to open the Replication screen.
  2. Click the Links tab.
  3. Click the actions menu and select Delete Link.
  4. Approved the warning message.
    The link is deleted.

InfiniShell instructions

Run link.delete providing the link name.

This section describes commands that create and authenticate links between InfiniBox systems.

  • link.createThis command creates a link between a network space on the local system and a target system. Such a link is required for services that span across systems, for example,  Asynchronous Remote Replication.
  • link.authenticateThis command verifies that the user of the local system can operate the remote system as well
  • link.deleteThis command deletes the link
  • link.queryThis command lists the links that are defined on the system along with their state and the last time they were in use

The commands are displayed in length, including examples on the InfiniShell Reference Guide.

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