About this task

This task modifies advanced share settings. You cannot modify the basic share settings.

Basic share settings

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueAccepted values
Share NameA unique name that clients use to connect to the share
  • Names are not case-sensitive
  • Cannot include:  \ / [ ] : | < > + = ; , * ?
  • Accepts: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 ! @ # $ % & ' _ - . ~ ( ) { } space
  • Cannot have a leading or trailing space
  • Names that include spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks
Internal Path

The directory being shared
The directory must exist prior to the share creation

The internal path must be specified as a UNIX path, using forward slashes.

  • Must start with a "/"
  • Cannot include spaces
  • Accepts: A-Z, a-z, 0-9

Advanced share settings

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueAccepted values
Snapshot Directory Visible

A snapshot directory that is not visible can still be accessible by providing the specific path.
Note: In release 7.0.x, Windows security style does not support snapshot directory.


Offline Caching

Determines how the client handles offline caching

  • Disabled - no client side caching is allowed

  • Manual - users can manually select files to cache locally

  • Auto - the client OS decides which files to cache

  • VDO - the client OS decides which files, including program files, to cache


  • A share of a filesystem or of a filesystem snapshot


  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon on the left toolbar, and select the Datasets tab.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • For a filesystem: Select the filesystem name, and click the Shares tab.
    • For a filesystem snapshot: Expand the filesystem tree, select the filesystem snapshot name, and click the Shares tab.
  3. Right-click the share, or open the action menu in the settings column of the share to be modified, and select Advanced Settings.
  4. Modify the share settings as needed.
  5. Click Modify.
    The settings are modified.

Related InfiniShell commands

  • fs.share.set_offline_caching - modifies the share and its permissions

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