Sometimes, storage administrators might want to know which files in a filesystem are cold, meaning they have not been accessed for a long time. Such files might be good candidates for archival or removal.

Filesystems allow applications to update the access time (atime) for files, but normally most applications do not do that. 

InfiniBox provides an optional automatic atime update mechanism, where the atime for file is automatically updated when it is accessed, i.e. when it is read, without requiring any change to applications. When enabled, storage administrators can identify cold files easily by examining their atime.

For example, to find files that were not accessed in the past year:

# find /mountpoint -atime +365

InfiniBox does not update the atime for every access operation, since that would decrease performance significantly. 

Instead, the storage administrator can set the granularity of access time details required. Normally, granularity of 24 hours should be enough for most practical purposes.

Enabling automatic atime update can result in a degradation of performance, and can cause increased snapshot space consumption if snapshots are taken frequently.

Related InfiniShell commands

For more information, refer to the InfiniShell Commands Reference, Chapter 3.4 - Filesystem commands.

These settings are not available in the GUI.

Example: create a new filesystem with automatic atime update granularity of 2 days:

fs.create fs=fs1 atime_granularity=48:0:0

Example: Update the filesystem to monitor file access with granularity of 1 day:

fs.set_atime_granularity fs=fs1 atime_granularity=23:0:0

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