About this task

This task renames a snapshot group.


  • A snapshot group


  1. Right-click a snapshot group and select Modify Group from the pop-up menu.
    The Modify Group screen opens.
  2. Rename the snapshot group and click Modify.
    The snapshot group is renamed.

Related tasks

This task and all other filesystem tasks are available both on the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related GUI tasks

Related InfiniShell commands

    • cg.snap.create - create a snapshot group
    • cg.snap.delete - delete a snapshot group
    • cg.snap.rename - rename a snapshot group
    • cg.snap.refresh - refresh a snapshot group
    • cg.snap.query - list all snapshot groups
    • cg.snap.member_query - list all of the members of a snapshot group

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