• A TreeQ can only be a folder directly under the root folder
    • Nested TreeQs are not supported
  • Hard links cannot cross the TreeQ boundaries
  • Converting a directory to TreeQ
    • Regular directory cannot be converted into TreeQ. 
    • TreeQ cannot be converted to regular directory
    • When moving files across TreeQ boundaries, the directory structure is recreated and the files are moved
  • Replication
    • Filesystem with TreeQ can be replicated only to an InfiniBox with a software version that supports TreeQ
    • A TreeQ of a target filesystem cannot be queried
  • Moving a TreeQ
    • Moving a TreeQ is rejected by InfiniBox 

    • However, some implementations of the mv command (Linux, for example) will try to copy the TreeQ to another location and then delete the source.

    • The newly copied folder will not be a TreeQ (thus, the TreeQ will have to be created by the storage admin).

  • Renaming a TreeQ

    • Renaming a TreeQ using an NFS client (mv command), turns the TreeQ into a regular folder (it will no longer behave as a TreeQ). 

  • CLI auto-complete doesn't work on TreeQ name / path
  • For improved performance, the soft capacity state change and event generation are slightly decoupled
    • The state changes immediately when you cross the soft capacity
    • The event can be triggered at any point between the soft capacity and the addition of 50MB
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