About this task

This task modifies the filesystem snapshot.


  • A filesystem snapshot


  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon in the left toolbar, select the Datasets tab, and expand the filesystem tree to the snapshot to be modified.

  2. Right-click the snapshot name, or open the action menu in the settings column of the dataset row, and select Modify Snapshot.
    The Modify Snapshot window opens.
  3. You can change the name of the snapshot.
  4. If the snapshot is write-enabled, you can change its size and the pool to which it belongs.
  5. Click Advanced to lock the snapshot for a defined period of time, or to enable or disable the snapshot's use of SSD cache, which is sometimes referred to as 'flash cache'.
  6. Click Modify.

Related InfiniShell commands

  • fs.snap.rename - renaming the filesystem snapshot
  • fs.snap.cache -  enabling the snapshot to use InfiniBox flash cache, which is sometimes referred to as 'SSD cache'

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