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This task maps more than 32 hosts to the same volume.

This task overcomes the limit of 32 hosts for a single cluster by mapping more than a single cluster to the same volume.

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GUI instructions

  1. Create as many clusters as needed, as follows:
    1. Cluster 1 - with up to 32 hosts
    2. Cluster 2 - with up to 32 hosts
    3. More clusters - as needed
  2. Click one of the cluster. On the Mapped Volumes tab (that is displayed on the screen by default), click Map Volume, select the volume and click Map. The cluster is mapped to the volume.
  3. On the same screen, click the volume and select Modify Mapping from the action menu.
  4. On the Mapping screen that opens, click the action menu and check Enable Multiple Hosts Selection. As a result, the other clusters are available on the screen.
  5. Select the other cluster (or clusters), click Map and then Apply.
  6. Approve the dangerous operation warning.
    The volume is now mapped to all of the selected clusters.

The mapping is visible from:

  • Each of the mapped clusters
  • The volume's screen

InfiniShell instructions

  1. Use to map each of the clusters to the volume
  2. Use vol.map_query to view the mapping 
    vol.map_query vol=vol1                                                                                                     
    vol1       CLUSTER       cluster1           11    
    vol1       CLUSTER       cluster2           12    
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