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This task adds a port to a host from the InfiniBox GUI.

Adding a port using Host PowerTools

On the host side, the ports are automatically added and discovered. See "Registering the system" on: Installing Host PowerTools.


GUI instructions

  1. Click the  Hosts & Clusters icon on the toolbar at the left of the InfiniBox Management Console screen.
  2. Select a Host.
  3. Click the Ports  tab.
  4. Click Add port
  5. Select a  Protocol Type 
  6. Provide ports to the host 
    1. For FC, you can choose between the following options:
      1. Select from a list of unassigned ports
      2. Insert the port manually
    2. For iSCSI, insert the IQN manually
  7. Click Add.
    The port is added. 

InfiniShell instructions

Use the following commands:

  • host.add_port  - to add ports to the host
  • host.initiator_query  - to query for available initiators

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