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The GUI and InfiniShell software packages are deployed both as part of the InfiniBox code and independently through the web. Whenever the GUI, or InfiniShell is updated, it can be downloaded and installed on the InfiniBox Management Console.


Download the software update package from:

GUI instructions

  1. From the GUI

    1. Open the InfiniBox Management console.
      Watch the GUI and CLI Update from the menu at the top right of the screen.
      In case that there is an available update, there will be an indicator on the screen.
    2. Click the GUI and CLI Update menu item.
      The GUI and InfiniShell Update screen opens.
    3. Browse to the package that you downloaded on step 1.
      1. The screen displays all of the available packages.
      2. Click Update.
  2. Following the upgrade you will be prompted to clear the browser's cache

InfiniShell instructions

  1. Download the InfiniShell installation file as instructed above.
  2. From InfiniShell:
    1. Run system.upgrade file=installationfile

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