About this task

This task modifies any or all of the following filesystem attributes:

  • Name
  • Size
  • Thin provisioning
  • Pool membership
  • SSD cache
  • Compression
  • Snapshot directory accessibility

A filesystem can only have its size increased. Shrinking a filesystem is not supported.


  • A filesystem


  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon in the left toolbar.

  2. In the Datasets tab, right-click the filesystem name, or open the action menu in the settings column of the filesystem row.
  3. To delete the filesystem, select Delete Filesystem, and approve the warning message.
  4. To replicate the filesystem, select Replicate this Filesystem.
    See Overview of replication or Creating a replica.
  5. To modify the filesystem, select Modify Filesystem.
    The Modify Filesystem window opens.
  6. On the left side of the Modify Filesystem window, you can: 
    • Change the name of the filesystem.
    • Enlarge the filesystem size.
    • Change whether the filesystem is thin provisioned.
    • Change the pool that the filesystem belongs to.
  7. Click Advanced for more options. 
    • Change whether to allow the filesystem to use the system's SSD cache.
      Note: This setting is sometimes referred to as 'flash cache', 'flash enabled', or 'SSD enabled'.
    • Change whether to enable compression for data reduction.
    • Change whether to allow snapshot directory accessibility.
  8. The gauges on the right side of the window show how the changes will impact pool capacity.
  9. Click Modify.

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You can modify other filesystem values using the following tasks:

Related InfiniShell commands

Modifying the filesystem attributes using InfiniShell is available via the following commands:

  • fs.cache - enabling the filesystem to use InfiniBox flash cache
  • fs.rename - renaming the filesystem
  • fs.resize - resizing the filesystem
  • fs.set_compression - enabling compression for data reduction
  • fs.set_thin - setting the filesystem provisioning type

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