InfiniBox host connectivity

A host is an entity that represents a physical, or a virtual host that volumes can be mapped to. InfiniBox can be attached to various host systems by using its FC ports. Each InfiniBox node has 8 FC ports (a total of 24 ports on the system). The host is a server that runs an operating system that is recognized by InfiniBox and to which InfiniBox provides storage services.

Operations available on hosts

The following operations are available on hosts:

Host PowerTools

In order to attach the host to InfiniBox, there is a need to install a HostPowerTools package. More information about Host PowerTools is available on the  Host PowerTools section on the Support site:

Host PowerTools compatibility and supported operating systems

This Support article specifies:

  • InfiniBox compatibility with other Infinidat products
  • Host PowerTools compatibility with operating systems
  • Host PowerTools compatibility with VMware Products
  • Infinidat OpenStack Cinder Plug-in compatibility with OpenStack
  • And many more

Best practices for integrations

The following articles describe best practices for integration with SAP HANA, IBM SVC, and SQL Server.

Connecting a host without using Host PowerTools

Instructions are available on  Connecting hosts to InfiniBox volumes without Host PowerTools.

Connecting a cluster of hosts to InfiniBox

A host cluster is a group of independent hosts that are working together as a single system to provide high availability of services for clients. When a failure occurs on one host in a cluster, resources are redirected and the workload is redistributed to the other hosts in the cluster. 
Host clusters are designed for applications that have long-running in-memory state or frequently updated data. 

The hosts in the cluster share the same volumes mapping.  

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