About this task

This task displays the resiliency (sometimes referred to as 'connectivity status') of a host that is connected to InfiniBox. The resiliency levels are:

  • Fully Connected - the host is connected to all InfiniBox nodes
  • Partially Connected - the host is connected to some InfiniBox nodes, but not to all of them
  • Not resilient - the host is connected to only one InfiniBox node
  • Disconnected - the host is not connected to any of the InfiniBox nodes

GUI instructions

  1. Click the Hosts & Clusters icon on the toolbar at the left of the InfiniBox Management Console screen.
  2. Select the Hosts tab to see an overview of the connectivity state of the hosts.
  3. To see more information, select a Host, and click the Ports tab.
    • Example of a fully connected host:
      Click a row to see details about the port connectivity to each node.
    • Example of a disconnected host:

InfiniShell instructions

Use the following command:

  • host.port_query

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