About this task

This task adds a member to a consistency group on an InfiniBox system.


  • A consistency group
  • Datasets (volumes) that are added as members to the consistency group

Adding a member to a replicated consistency group

When adding a member to a replicated consistency group, the consistency group must meet the following requirements:

  • The link must be up.
  • The replica state must not be Initializing.

For more information, see Adding a member to, or removing a member from, a replicated consistency group whose replication type is SYNC.

Before you begin

The purpose of the consistency group is to group volumes in a way that will allow consistent snapshots to be taken of all of them.

Pool association

  • Upon creation, the consistency group is associated with a pool.
  • All of the volumes of a consistency group reside in the same pool. 
  • The consistency group can be moved between pools, but individual members cannot move between pools independently. 
  • When a consistency group moves, all of its members and their snapshots move with it.


You can add up to 100 volumes to a single consistency group.

  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon on the left toolbar, and select the Consistency Groups tab.

  2. Click the consistency group to which you want to add members.
    If the consistency group does not yet have members, a pop-up directs you to click the Add Members button.
  3. Click the Add Members button. A list is displayed of volumes that are in the same pool as this consistency group but are not replicated.

  4. To create a new volume in the consistency group, click the Create Volume button, define the volume, and click Create.

    To create a series of volumes, see Creating a volume.

    The new volume is added to the list of volumes that are in the same pool as the consistency group but are not replicated.

  5. To add volumes to the consistency group, select the volumes, and then click Add to Group.

Related tasks

This task and all other filesystem tasks are available both on the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related GUI tasks

Related InfiniShell commands

  • cg.create - create a new consistency group
  • cg.add_member - add a member to a consistency group
  • cg.delete - delete a consistency group
  • cg.move - move a consistency group to another pool
  • cg.remove_member - remove a member from a consistency group
  • cg.restore - restore a consistency group from one of its snapshot groups
  • cg.rename - rename a consistency group
  • cg.query - list all consistency groups
  • cg.member_query - list all of the members of a consistency group

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