InfiniBox monitors and issues events on its health, performance and capacity, as well as on the user activity. The events are displayed on a central event log that is accessible via the InfiniBox GUI, InfiniShell and API. The events can also be sent outside the InfiniBox for further troubleshooting.


Event severity

InfiniBox assigns each of the events it generates with a severity level. The severity level is the quickest way to filter events that are displayed in the event log and when setting a notification rule. The severity level is pre-configured into the event definition and cannot be changed. The available severity levels are:

  • Info - informational - the system reports on an operation that does not have a negative implication on the system operation. For example, a creation of an entity, user login.
  • Warning - example, a change in the state of an hardware component, pool space low, etc.
  • Error - a failure in a hardware component that requires user action, a user action that may limit the system operation. For example, pool space very low. 
  • Critical - a failure that requires an immediate user action

Event reporter

InfiniBox events are grouped by reporters, which are the InfiniBox component that generates them. 

Event retention

  • InfiniBox keeps 500,000 events
  • Events are deleted in 100,000 increments 

Event behavior

  • The event is exposed to the event log 10 seconds after it is generated

Custom events

  • Available templates
  • Maximum event size: 100kb

Heartbeat event

  • Sent to Infinidat via the preconfigured SMTP server once a day
  • The content of the event informs Infinidat support on the state of the InfiniBox system
  • The event does not contain user information

InfiniBox reports its health status to the Infinidat Support center. Thus, the complete status of the InfiniBox hardware is available for the Support personnel.

Event notification

InfiniBox sends event notifications to the following destination types:

  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • SysLog

You can send the notifications to up to 10 destinations.

Active polling for events (SNMPWALK, etc.) is not supported 

Event notification rule

You can set your own notification rules that will inform you on user activities and InfiniBox behavior of your interest.

The event notification rule includes the following information:

  • Rule name
  • Destination
    • Target - a destination to where the notification is sent
    • Target parameters - for example, an email address for SMTP rule
  • Filter
    • Event level - all of the events of this level will be sent
    • Additional events - events that belong to a level that is not marked by this rule, and will be sent
      • For custom events: add the custom event to the list of Additional Events. Note that all of the custom events will be sent to the notification destination 
    • Excluded events - events that belong to a level that is marked by this rule, and will not be sent

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