About this task

This task allows the administrator to change the pool name, pool physical capacity, virtual capacity, and emergency buffer.
See the documentation of pool.create for additional information on configuring the emergency buffer.


  • Pool

Before you begin

On the GUI, click the Pools icon on the toolbar on the left. The Pools screen opens.

GUI instructions

  1. Right-click on the pool that you need to resize
  2. Select Modify Pool from the pop-up menu. 
  3. In the Modify Pool window, you can modify the following information:
    • Pool name
    • Physical capacity and virtual capacity
      • The default setting is identical physical and virtual capacities.
        You can click the link to virtual capacity in order to set a capacity that is different than the physical capacity.

Emergency buffer

  1. Click Advanced to change the values of the following default settings:
    • Emergency buffer - the default value is Unlimited. You can set the value to be either Disabled or Limited. The emergency buffer works as follows:
      • Unlimited - The pool is allowed to extend without limitation
      • Limited - The pool will extend within a predefined limitation
      • Disabled - The pool is not allowed to extend at all.
    • Notification thresholds - the default values are 80% for Warning and 90% for critical.
    • SSD cache - the default is to allow entities that belong to this pool to use the InfiniBox SSD drives.
    • Pool admins - select users that will be provided with PoolAdmin rights to this pool.
  2. Click Create.
    The pool is created and is visible on the screen.

InfiniShell instructions

Use the following commands:

pool.resize command to resize the pool
pool.rename command to rename the pool
pool.set_thresholds to set the Warning and Critical threshold levels

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