About this task

This task provides instructions for powering on the InfiniBox rack. 

Before you begin

Verify that:

  • The machine is located and cabled
  • Disks are inserted
  • The machine is grounded
  • It is important to follow the steps as ordered
  • The PDUs are connected to source A first, then power-on, then connected to source B
  • Power on the enclosures before powering on the nodes


  1. Verify that all of the Enclosures switches are OFF (two switches on each Enclosure).
  2. Verifying the power sources:
    1. The system has one power cable for each PDU (the system has either 2 or 4 PDUs). 
      1. In 2 PDUs formation, each PDU is connected to a power source.
      2. In 4 PDUs formation, PDUs from each side of the system is connected to a power source.
    2. To verify that the machine is correctly fed from two separate power sources: 
      1. Turn on power source A, that feeds the left-side PDUs
      2. Verify that the left-side PDU outlets are on
      3. Turn on power source B
      4. Verify that the right-side PDU outlets are on.
  3. Turn on the machine
    1. If the enclosures are not yet turned on, turn them on now (the two switches are located one on each PSU). 
    2. Turn on the 3 BBUs by pressing the On button for 3 seconds:
    3. The nodes should turn on automatically.
      1. Verify that the nodes are turned on.
      2. The system starts activation only the average BBU load is above 50%
    4. In case that the nodes are not turned on, verify that the UPSs are at least 80% loaded.

Expected result

The InfiniBox is On.


  • Verify that the power cables are connected to the BBUs and to the 1U drawer (ATSs)
  • Contact support


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