Uninstalling Procedure

  1. Power-off the appliance.
  2. On the Inventory panel, right-click tn the Host PowerTools for VMware virtual machine and select either Remove from inventory or Delete from disk from the Host pop-up menu.
    1. Remove from inventory - this option does not delete the virtual appliance from the disk
    2. Delete from disk - this option deletes the virtual appliance from the disk
  3. Unregister the Host PowerTools extension from the vCenter. For instructions see the section below. 
  4. Manually clean the VASA Provider's IP from the Storage Providers screen. For instructions see the section below. 
  5. Restart the vSphere web client.

Unregistering Host PowerTools extension from vCenter

When the Host Power Tool VMware appliance is powered off:

  1. Open the vCenter Extension Manager via the vCenter MOB URL "https://<vcenter_name_or_IP>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager"

  2. Unregister the extension "com.infinidat.powertools", using the method "UnregisterExtension"

  3. Make sure that the unregister extension invoke ended successfully, and that the "com.infinidat.powertools" is not listed anymore.

Re-registering Host PowerTools

  1. Power on the Host Power Tool VMware appliance.
  2. Wait for the appliance to complete boot. 
  3. Host Power Tool VMware should be re-registered. 
    • Validate by opening the vcenter extension manager via the vcenter mob url "https://<vcenter_name_or_IP>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager" and check that the "com.infinidat.powertools" was re-registered.

Removing the VASA provider 

  1. Login to the vCenter and select the vCenter object.
  2. Choose Configure
  3. Select Storage Providers.
  4. From the list select the storage provider named "com.infinidat.powertools".
  5. Press Remove.

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