InfiniBox implementation for VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) includes built-in support for vSphere-managed snapshots, i.e. snapshots taken and managed by vSphere.

Such virtual machine snapshots running on vVols datastores use the underlying InfiniBox snapshot technology, which provides:

  • Zero-penalty snapshots (identical to InfiniBox volumes and filesystems)
  • Instantaneous snapshot creation of virtual disks, which do not depend on the virtual disk size
  • Instantaneous deletion of VM snapshots when requested, which automatically also delete virtual disk snapshots
VMware limits the number of managed snapshots per VM to 32.

Creating and Using Managed Snapshots 

The specific actions described here are relevant for vCenter 7.0. The actions for vCenter 6.7 are slightly different.

However, the underlying operation is identical regardless of the vCenter release; snapshots for VMs in vVols datastores are implemented using InfiniBox snapshots (not VMFS).

Select the virtual machine, and click the Snapshots tab.

Create a new snapshot by clicking TAKE SNAPSHOT, and enter the relevant details.

To delete a VM snapshot, select a snapshot in the tree, and click DELETE.

To revert the VM to an existing snapshot, select the relevant snapshot in the tree, and click REVERT.

In both cases, the operation is instantaneous and is carried out within InfiniBox, without any extra I/O overhead (unlike VMFS snapshots).

Viewing Virtual Disks and Snapshots

Navigate to the virtual machine in the tree, click the Configure tab and select the Infinidat page. 

This page displays the virtual disks of the currently running VM, as well as all managed snapshots. For each virtual disk you can see the details from vSphere, and the allocated capacity in InfiniBox.

Select the relevant snapshot from the drop-down list to see the snapshot's virtual disks and their details.

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