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This task maps a volume to a host or a cluster.

LUN assignment

Infinidat simplifies the mapping of volumes to hosts as much as possible. The LUN (logical unit number) assigned to each mapping is insignificant. Its only role is to maintain the uniqueness of the host-to-volume mapping. By default, InfiniBox assigns LUNs automatically so that the user need not bother with the numbering.

Automatic LUN assignment for hosts that are members in a cluster

LUNs are automatically assigned as follows:

  • When mapping to a host, the system assigns the next available number, starting from 1
  • When mapping to a cluster, the system assigns the next available number, starting from 11

The LUNs assigned to clusters start from 11 to avoid conflicts with LUNs mapped to individual hosts within the cluster. If no more than 10 volumes are individually mapped to a host, there is no LUN conflict between volumes mapped individually and volumes mapped to a cluster. In the rare case that more than 10 volumes are mapped to a host, and the host also belongs to a mapped cluster, the LUN number must be assigned manually.

Manual LUN assignment

In addition to supporting automatic LUN assignment when a volume is mapped to a host or cluster, the InfiniBox management CLI and GUI (in the Hosts & Clusters window) support setting the LUN manually by the user.

The InfiniBox RESTful management API that maps a volume to a host or cluster accepts a LUN as an optional parameter. If the parameter is not specified, the system automatically assigns a LUN. This is also the case with our VMware plugin.


  • A volume
  • A host or a cluster


  1. In the GUI, click the Datasets icon in the left toolbar.

  2. In the Datasets tab, right-click the volume name, or open the action menu in the settings column of the volume row, and select Modify Mapping.
  3. The Mapping window opens. The current mapping is shown in the left panel.
  4. To add mapping, browse or search for the host or cluster in the right panel, and click Map.
  5. To remove mapping to a host or cluster, click Unmap next to the host or cluster name in the left panel.
  6. Click Apply.
    The mapping is applied.

InfiniShell instructions

Mapping a volume to a host or a cluster can be done by the following InfiniShell command:


The mapping is visible through the following queries:

  • vol.query
  • host.query
  • cluster.query
  • map.query 
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