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InfiniBox provides visibility to the status and health of the system hardware. This view includes the status of the system rack, nodes, enclosures, and drives.

The System Health and the Hardware Components part of the screen provide clickable visual hints on the system health. Going over an indicator allow focusing on a health issue.

Visual health indicators

PDU failure

  • 1 failed PDU out of 2 - 8 enclosures turn yellow.
  • 1 failed PDU out of 4 – 4 enclosures turn yellow.

BBU warning

Two nodes might turn yellow when the BBU stops providing power to one of their PSUs.

BBU is missing

BBU turns red.

One PSU failure

The nodes that are fed by this PSU turn yellow.

Both PSU failure

  • The node that is fed by both failed PSU turns red
  • The nodes that are fed by only one failed PSU turn yellow

Node health

The node view provides the following information about the node and its components.

  • BBU Connectivity - the node communicates with the BBU 
  • BBU Protection - the node receives current from the BBU

Internal switch failure

This issue is reported by an event, with no GUI visibility.

Enclosure is fed by only one PSU

The enclosure turns yellow.

Enclosure that is not fed by either PSU

The enclosure turns red.

Node - enclosure connectivity

  • No connectivity – the enclosure turns red
  • Partial connectivity – the Node turns red

Enclosure - drive warning / error

The enclosure is marked with an icon:

  • Yellow – for warning
  • Red – for error

Internal disk failure

The failed disk turns red.

The node view

The Node view displays the Node along with its local and SSD drives.

The node's patch panel

Clicking on the Node’s Back button brings up the patch panel. The patch panel displays the active ports of the Node.

Click the Node View button to return to the Node’s view.

Enclosure and disk health

The Enclosure visual indicator displays the health status of both the Enclosure and its disk drives.

The following image provides an example of a health indicator that provides information on a Warning state of a disk drive within an Enclosure. As indicated on the image, the health of the Enclosure is OK.

Clicking the Enclosure that is colored red (above) opens a detailed view of the Enclosure’s drives along with their exact status (below).

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