About this task

This task creates a volume on an InfiniBox system.


  • A pool with sufficient capacity
  • Admin or Pool Admin privileges


All field values can be modified after creation except where noted below.

  1. In the GUI, do one of the following:
    • Click the Pools icon in the left toolbar, right-click the pool name in which to create the volume, and select Create Volume from the pop-up menu.

    • Click the Datasets icon in the left toolbar, click the Create button in the Datasets tab, and select Volume from the menu.

      The Create Volume window opens.
  2. On the left side of the Create Volume window: 
    • Enter a name for the volume.
    • Enter the maximum volume size.
    • Select whether the system allocates only the physical disk space needed after data reduction ('Thin'), or allocates the entire volume size ('Thick').
    • Select a pool that the volume belongs to.
  3. Click Advanced for more options. 
    • To provision multiple volumes at one time, enter a number or range. The value entered in the Name field is the prefix for all the names.
    • Select whether to allow the volume to use the system's SSD cache.
      Note: This setting is sometimes referred to as 'flash cache', 'flash enabled', or 'SSD enabled'.
    • Select whether to enable compression for data reduction.
  4. The gauges on the right side of the window show how the new volume will impact pool capacity.
  5. Click Create.

Creating a series of volumes

You can create a single volume, or use the Create series field to create a batch of volumes. In each series, the volume names have a common prefix, and they are indexed numerically. 

Series numbers can be zero-padded, up to 5 zeros.

Volume prefix ('Name' field)'Create series' fieldNumber of created volumesVolume names
v-1-55v-1 through v-5
vol-1-1010vol-1 through vol-10
v-padded-001-01010v-padded-001 through v-padded-010
v-2020v-1 through v-20

It is recommended to define a new prefix for each series. 


The following is an example of a request to create a series of 10 volumes, numbered 101 to 110.

The created volumes are displayed in the Datasets tab.

Related tasks

This task, and all other volume tasks, are available from both the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related InfiniShell commands

Commonly used volume commands include:

  • vol.create - creating a new volume
  • vol.resize - resizing the volume
  • vol.restore - restore data state of a volume from a previous snapshot

For the complete list of InfiniShell commands, refer to the InfiniShell Commands Reference.

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