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The snapshot is an entity that allows the user to restore a volume to a specific point-in-time.

  • It is possible to restore a volume from a writable snapshot
  • Snapshot operations:  create a snapshot, delete it, rename it, enable SSD cache, view its relation with the volume and other snapshots, map it to a host or a cluster, unmap it, query the mapping and query all snapshots per volume or pool.


  • Volume - the volume that its snapshot is taken

GUI Instructions

  1. Select a volume from the Volumes tab.
  2. Right-click the volume and select Create Snapshot from the menu.
  3. Name the snapshot and click Create.

    The snapshot is visible on screen. 

Following this task

View the snapshot using the vol.snap.query command.

Use the unit argument to specify the units of the capacity fields of the output. Available units are:

  • B – Byte. For example, 1000000192512
  • G – GB. For example, 1000.00 GB
  • GB – Same as G.
  • GiB – Gibibyte (see definition in Wikipedia). For example, 931.32 GiB.
  • T – TB. For example, 1.000 TB.
  • TB – same as T.
  • TiB – Tebibyte. See GiB above. For example, 0.909 TiB.
  •  Block –512 bytes. For example, 1907349.
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