In addition to the option to restore the vm from within the vm, there is an option to look for the snapshot in the Snapshot Catalog, saving the need to open the vm UI.

To access the Snapshot Catalog

From the vSphere web client home page, click the INFINIDAT Snapshots icon.
The Snapshots Catalog opens on the screen. 

To restore a vm from a snapshot using the Snapshot Catalog

  1. Search or browse a vm.
  2. Select the snapshot you would like to restore the vm from.
  3. Click the Restore button that is available from the action menu that is available to the right of the vm catalog entry.
    The vm is restored.

Other actions that are available from the Snapshot Catalog

It is possible to:

  • Edit the snapshot name and description
  • Expose the vm (see more details here: Exposing VMs from snapshot)
  • Delete the snapshot
  • View the volume information

First time upgrade

Upon the first upgrade to a Host PowerTools version that features the Snapshot Catalog:

  • Connect to InfiniBox via the host or cluster view in order to refresh the connection to the InfiniBox system.
  • Note that without this refresh, the snapshot will be visible but no action will be available
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