The Infinispares feature enables the InfiniBox system to keep running even in a situation where dozens of disks have failed across a long period of time. In such a situation, where all of the system spare disks space is consumed, an additional disk failure will cause the system to activate the InfiniSpares feature. 

When the feature is engaged, InfiniBox allocates free system capacity as spare disks. At any given time, InfiniBox ensures that the system has enough spare capacity to hold two additional disks failures.

Preconfigured number of spare drives

The maximum number of InfiniSpares disks is set to:

InfiniBox modelNumber of spare drives (default)Max InfiniSpares
F6xxx12Capacity equals to 100 disks
F4xxx8Capacity equals to 100 disks
F2xxx6Capacity equals to 50 disks
F12306Capacity equals to 20 disks


  • When engaged, InfiniSpares consumes system usable physical capacity to recover data on failed disk drives,  this capacity will be reclaimed back as usable capacity when failed drives are replaced 
  • When engaged, InfiniSpares preserved ahead physical usable capacity equals to 2 disk drives, this capacity will be reclaimed back as usable capacity when failed drives are replaced
  • If more than the above number of disks have failed, the system performs an emergency shutdown 


INFINISPARES_ENGAGED event with error severity is emitted on any disk failure when system has no "native" spare disks left and the InfiniSpares feature has to allocate spare capacity for the rebuild. 

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