During the InfiniBox warranty period, faulty drives can either be retained at the customer premise or returned to Infinidat. The returned drives are totally erased, as described in the following process.


On the customer premise

  • A drive is identified as Faulty
    • As part of Infinidat warranty on InfiniBox parts, Infinidat replaces faulty drives.
  • The drive is ejected from the InfiniBox rack.
  • As decided during the InfiniBox purchase, faulty drives may either remain at the customer premise or be returned to Infinidat.

Tracking the returned drives

  • The Drives are managed on our JIRA ticketing system
  • The returned drive is marked as Faulty and Returned to Infinidat

On INFINIDAT premise

  • Any drive that responds (i. e., if it is not dead) goes through a failure analysis and erasure 
    • Erasure details: 
      • The drive is completely written with a new pattern, hence totally erased 
      • One complete WRITE is done to the whole disk space
      • RANDOM WRITEs cover an undetermined portion of the disk
  • The drive is marked as Faulty and Erased
  • A dead drive cannot be erased, as it cannot be written into

Drives are always sent to the vendor

  • The drive, either dead or erased, is sent to the vendor
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