This operation deletes the mapping between a volume and a vSphere host or cluster.


 Prior to delete the mapping, it is required to migrate all running virtual machines to another datastore, or to remove the Raw Device Mapping. 

This task performs the following actions:

  • Unmount the VMFS, (If a datastore exists) 
  • Detach SCSI LUN.
  • Delete the volume mapping on InfiniBox.
  • Rescan HBAs


  1. In vSphere Web client select the desired host or cluster, to which the desired volume to unmap is currently mapped.

  2. Locate the Infinidat view. Follow the instructions here: Locating the Infinidat View.
  3. Select the desired volume from the table.
  4. Select Unmap from the Actions list.
    The volume is removed from the table and vCenter is updated that the device is permanently disconnected.
    When viewed from the InfiniBox GUI, the value of the Has Mapping field of the volume is changed to NO.

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