This task performs the following actions:

  • Resizes a selected volume.
  • Initiates a storage HBA rescan.
  • Extends the datastore that resides on the selected volume. (in case a datastore exists) 

Note that VMware has certain limitations to datastore size, according to the VMFS type and product version. Refer to VMware documentation for obtaining the maximum datastore size that is applicable for your environment.


  1. In vSphere Web client select the desired host or cluster, to which the desired volume to resize is mapped. 

  2. Locate the Infinidat view. Follow the instructions here: Locating the Infinidat View.
  3. Locate the desired volume in the volume table. 
  4. Select Resize from the Actions list.
    Resize Volume screen opens.
  5. Set the new size.
    Click OK and then Done.
    The volume is resized.
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