InfiniBox Active-Active replication provides zero-RPO and zero-RTO, enabling mission critical business-services to keep operating even through a complete site failure:

  • Symmetric synchronous replication solution, applications can be geographically clustered
  • Fully integrated into InfiniBox, allows simple management of application spread across data centers.

Further information about Active-Active replication is available on: Active-Active replication


  • Active-Active volume: a volume that is undergoing Active-Active replication.
    • Peers: a pair of volumes that are undergoing Active-Active replication relationship, are also referred as "peers".
  • Active-Active datastore: a datastore that resides on an Active-Active volume.
  • Active-Active virtual machine: a virtual machine that is housed on a datastore which resides on an Active-Active volume. 
  • ALUA: asymmetric logical unit access. 

Supported Configurations for vSphere with InfiniBox Active-Active Replication

In order use vSphere with InfiniBox Active-Active Replication, a proper and validated configuration is required.

For further information see the following guide: "VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster with INFINIDAT InfiniBox Active-Active Replication".

VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) is a specific storage configuration that combines replication with array-based clustering. These solutions are typically deployed in environments where the distance between data centers is limited, often metropolitan or campus environments.

  • The primary benefit of a stretched cluster model is that it enables fully active and workload-balanced data centers to be used to their full potential and it allows for an extremely fast recovery in the event of a host or even full site failure.
  • vSphere ESXi servers are in a single vCenter cluster and can be spreaded across sites (separate datacenters or geographic areas)

Supported Versions 

  • PowerTools for VMware: Active-Active volumes are supported with Host PowerTools for VMware v5 and above.
  • Host PowerTools for VMware is not supported on hosts that have an Active-Active volume mapped as LUN 0.
  • InfiniBox: Active-Active replication is supported with InfiniBox version 5 and above.
  • vSphere: For the supported vSphere version see: Infinidat products compatibility with VMware software

Host PowerTools for VMware and Active-Active volumes

Host PowerTools allows to manage Active-Active volumes and provides end-to-end relationships between Active-Active volumes and local host. 

Creating Active-Active volumes is available via the InfiniBox management consoles (Web GUI or InfiniShell).

  • Currently not available through Host PowerTools.

ESXi hosts and Active-Active Volumes Relationships

ESXi hosts identify both peers as the same multipath device. 

  • InfiniBox Active-Active volumes are supported by ESXi native multipath software.

Host Access

ESXi Hosts can access Active-Active datastores in one of two ways.

Uniform access

Hosts can access both peers. (both systems)


Each host can access only one of the peers. (one of the systems only)

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