Infinidat Host PowerToolsTM for VMware is an application that provides VMware administrators with provisioning capabilities that assist and ease the volume backup and recovery process.

Infinidat encourages close cooperation between the storage administrator and the VMware administrator, as well as other application administrators. According to this approach, the storage administrator maintains overall control over the storage environment, and sets policies to be followed by all of the applications. Application administrators are granted autonomy to provision storage and to operate within the policies set by the storage administrator. This approach enables InfiniBox to intelligently automate most of the processes, and to monitor the administrator actions so as to prevent mistakes that can lead to downtime.

Combining these advanced management capabilities provided by InfiniBox in tight integration with VMware's newest and most advanced tools enables the storage and VMware administrators to provide a faster, better, and more agile service to the business.

Host PowerTools for VMware offers a read-only mode for the VMware administrator, where all changes are carried out by the storage team only. Infinidat strongly encourages organizations to adopt this policy-driven approach which accelerates business processes, but of course customers may opt out of it.

Host PowerToolsTM is a trademark of Infinidat.



The Infinidat storage system that Host PowerTools connects to.


A computer system to which the InfiniBox is attached, and that is accessible for data storage and I/O.


A set of disk blocks presented to an operating environment as a range of consecutively numbered logical blocks with disk-like storage and I/O semantics.


OVF (Open Virtualization Format). An industry standard developed by VMware for distribution purposes. It describes, in XML format, metadata related to virtual machine image.

VMware vCenter versions 4.0 and above support this file format among other platforms.

The OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) contains an OVF file along with other files needed for the deployment of the virtual machine.


Logical Unit Number. An identifier of the volume.


A logical space that contains volume, snapshot, and clones. The pool allocates physical and virtual storage space for these entities. The pool also determines a policy for automatic extension in case of space depletion.

Role-based access control

Infinidat restricts system access to users according to their roles and operations.

The available roles are system administrator, a read-only user, and pool administrator (that is restricted to a given set of pools).

Supported Platforms

See the up-to-date lists on the following pages:

Note:  Host PowerTools for VMware is not supported on hosts that have an Active-Active volume mapped as LUN 0.

VASA Provider

The installation of Host PowerTools for VMware also includes a VASA Provider. VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) is a set of APIs that improve the way the vSphere vCenter operates on storage arrays. Storage awareness capabilities include RAID and native thin provisioning, all visible to the customer from within the vCenter.

The VASA Provider also provides information about the InfiniBox topology, capabilities, and state, including events and alerts.

Once the VASA Provider is installed, you can see it registered in vCenter (under Home > Storage Providers).

Download site for the installation file

The Host PowerTools for VMware installation file is provided in an OVA format. The OVA file is available from:

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