Registering the ESXi hosts / clusters on InfiniBox is required in order to enable storage provisioning & management.

  • Prior to the registering process, all ESXi hosts should be properly connect (via FC or iSCSI) to the InfiniBox system. 

Registering a new host / cluster

  1. In vSphere Web client select the desired host or cluster.

  2. Locate Host PowerTools for VMware INFINIDAT View. Follow the instructions here: Locating the Infinidat View
    • For each storage system, Host PowerTools displays its name, serial number, version, available operations and a list of mapped volumes.

    • For new hosts / clusters, the only available operation is Register Host.

    • The message on screen explains that no volumes can be created on the InfiniBox from within the vCenter Server, as long as it is not registered to InfiniBox.

  3. Click Register Host / Cluster.
    • Register the host using your InfiniBox credentials. The credentials are stored on the appliance and are unique per vCenter user. 
    • Authentication Required screen opens.
  4. Enter the following information:
    1. User name - Enter the user name of InfiniBox.
    2. Password - Enter the password of InfiniBox. 
    3. Remember these credentials - Check in order to allow Host PowerTools to remember your access information.
    4. Use these credentials for all systems - Check in order to allow Host PowerTools to use the same credentials on all InfiniBox.
  5. Click OK.
    The InfiniBox system is now registered and available for use.

Registration failures 

If hosts or clusters entities are modified directly in InfiniBox, outside of Host PowerTools for VMware scope, it might become impossible for Host PowerTools to fix the host or cluster registration.

This might happen, for example, in the following scenario:

  • A storage admin maps a stand-alone host to a volume as LUN 5 (using InfiniBox management console)
  • The VM admin adds the host to a cluster that already has a mapping to another volumes as LUN 5
  • HostPower Tool for VMware cannot add the host to the cluster in InfiniBox, since that causes a collision between the host and cluster mapping

Other scenarios may lead to similar problems.

Sometimes, Host PowerTools for VMware may find that in order to fix the host or cluster registration, it needs to temporarily disconnect a host from mapped volumes.

In such cases, Host PowerTools for VMware will stop the operation and indicate that the operation cannot proceed with the exact failure description.

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