About this task

  • The snapshot is an entity that allows the user to restore a volume to a specific point-in-time.
  • The snapshot can be refreshed so that its content adheres to a new point-in-time but all other snapshot attributes remain the same.

Refreshing a snapshot of a target volume

The snapshot refresh operation is applicable for snapshots of target volumes.

A snapshot of a target volume can be refreshed only once in a sync cycle. If another refresh is needed the user can trigger a new sync job by using "sync now" on the source replica and wait for sync job to end, or delete the snapshot and create a new one.

Note that a snapshot of a target volume cannot be refreshed in the following cases:

  • There is a sync job that is currently running
  • The snapshot is already synchronized with the target volume


  • Volume 
  • Snapshot

GUI Instructions

  1. Select a volume from the Volumes tab.
  2. Select one of its snapshots.
  3. Right-click the snapshot and select Refresh Snapshot from the menu.
  4. Approve the dangerous operation.
    The snapshot is refreshed.
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