InfiniBox provides visibility to key performance indicators. Each graph can monitor the system, a host, a volume or a filesystem. The available indicators are: throughput, IOPS/FOPS, latency, read IOPS/FOPS, write IOPS/FOPS and open requests (for SAN only).

Performance monitoring is done from the InfiniBox GUI, or through InfiniMetrics, an Infinidat VMware plugin. 

Viewing system performance on the GUI

The GUI Performance screen monitors allows for adding, editing and removing monitors.

Viewing system performance using InfiniMetrics

Infinidat InfiniMetricsTM is a VMware plugin for collecting and displaying performance metrics from one or more InfiniBoxes.

For InfiniMetrics documentation, refer to: InfiniMetrics Release Notes and User Guide.

On measuring latency 

For more information, see: How latency is monitored.

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