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The PoolAdmin user is the administrator of specific pools. This user has admin rights that are similar to the InfiniBox admin, but limited to the pool (or pools) that the PoolAdmin is assigned to.


To assign a pool to a user you need:

  • A user with PoolAdmin role
    • You can assign the user to a pool upon creation of the user, as well
  • A pool

You may add more than one pool to the same PoolAdmin, and more than one PoolAdmin to a pool.

GUI instructions

  1. Modify the pool (see instructions here: Deleting a pool
  2. On the Modify Pool screen, click Advanced
  3. Click on the Pool Admin field to see a list of available users
  4. Click Modify
    The PoolAdmin user is now associated to the pool. 

PoolAdmin -related InfiniShell commands

  • user.create - In the following example, we create a user with the type PoolAdmin. 
    • user.create name=pool-01-admin password=123456 role=PoolAdmin
  • user.add_pool - adding a pool to a user
    • user.add_pool name=pool-01-admin pool=pool-01 
  • user.query - query for the user and the pool
    • user.query user=pool-01-admin
  • pool.add_admin - adds a PoolAdmin to a pool.
  • pool.remove_admin - removes a PoolAdmin from a pool.
  • pool.user_query - lists pool administrators per pool
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