About this task

This task locks the pool, blocking the following operations:

  • Writing into the pool's datasets
  • Resizing the pool's datasets
  • Restoring a dataset from a snapshot
  • Creating datasets in the pool

A locked pool can be unlocked, thus restoring the capabilities mentioned above.

Auto-locking of a pool

When a pool exceeds its capacity settings it is locked.


  • Pool

Before you begin

On the GUI, click the Pools icon on the toolbar on the left. The Pools screen opens.

GUI instructions

  1. The Pools screen displays the InfiniBox pools. Select a pool and then select Lock Pool from the Actions menu. 
  2. Approve the warning message.
    The pool is locked. 
    The pool's state is visible on screen. 

InfiniShell instructions

  • Use the pool.lock command


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