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Solution Description

The InfiniBox CSI Driver (plugin) enables InfiniBox storage management in Kubernetes environments.

User Documentation

The InfiniBox CSI driver user guide describes how to install, configure and use the CSI driver with InfiniBox systems. 

Release 2.0.0

  • Release Date: May 21, 2021

What's new in this release

  • Implemented CSI snapshotter API v1 GA enabling snapshot support in Kubernetes 1.17+

The upstream Kubernetes CSI snapshot v1 beta/GA API is not backwards compatible with the earlier alpha CSI snapshot API (details here), so snapshots created previously using the CSI alpha API implemented in earlier Infinidat CSI driver versions need to be manually migrated. Contact Infinidat support if you have snapshots previously created that need to be preserved through this upgrade.

  • Improved clarity of the CSI driver logs for customer analysis and faster support
  • Improved multipathing configuration management
  • Improved iSCSI configuration and management
  • The CSI driver no longer supports Kubernetes releases earlier than 1.17
  • Improved OpenShift Operator for OpenShift 4.7+ 

Fixed issues

  • PSDEV-753 CSI driver fails to mount volumes in k8s 1.20
  • CSIC-192 When mounting copies of XFS filesystems the UUID is duplicated
  • CSIC-188 Catch if there is a discrepancy between k8s storage class request for read-write permissions and default read-only permission for snapshots
  • ZEN-28431 Cannot mount the image registry pod on OpenShift 4.7+ and on Kubernetes 1.20

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