Direct migration from v2.5.x to v3.x is not supported; Please migrate to v2.6.x and then upgrade normally to the latest version.

InfiniMetrics 2.6.x VMs run on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, while previous versions were using Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit.
Since the upgrade mechanism cannot perform this OS upgrade, use the procedure below to migrate data from the old 32bit instance to the new 64bit instance.

Data that was collected by an existing InfiniMetrics VM is preserved.

What you'll need

  • A vCenter login with permissions to deploy a new virtual machine.
  • An SSH client.
  • InfiniMetrics NG v2.6.x, available here: v2.6.1 OVA.

  • The IP address of the existing InfiniMetrics VM you're migrating from.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Deploy the InfiniMetrics NG v2.6.x OVF and power the virtual machine on.
    (warning) The new VM should not be smaller than the old VM in terms of storage, CPU, and RAM.
  2. If necessary, configure your firewall to allow HTTP/HTTPS connections from the new VM to your InfiniBoxes.
  3. SSH to the VM using the following credentials:
    • For the User, enter root
    • For the Password, enter the value set for the InfiniMetrics password. If a value has not been set, enter nfinidat1
  4. Run the following commands, providing the IP address of the old InfiniMetrics VM. 

    cd /opt/infinidat/infinimetrics
    bin/fab -f src/infinimetrics/ -H <IP_ADDRESS_OF_OLD_VM>
  5. Once the migration is complete, visit the URL of the new VM using your browser, and verify that it's working and collecting new data.
  6. Power off the old VM.


If the disk size of the new VM is smaller than the existing one, a warning will be displayed by the migration procedure.
You can either ignore the warning and continue the migration, or abort it and increase the disk size via vCenter.
After you increase the disk size, run the following command in the terminal after the VM is powered on again:

infinimetrics expand-disk

Restart the migration process by continuing from step 4 above.


1. Unsupported InfiniMetrics version

The migration procedure will abort if you try to upgrade from an InfiniMetrics version prior to 2.5. First upgrade your existing InfiniMetrics instance to v2.5.1, and then migrate it to v2.6 as described above.

2. Migration procedure killed before it finished

If the migration is killed for some reason, you can run it again on the same VM or on a new one. This will not cause any data loss or data duplication.

Option A - Start from scratch

Run the migration command again. This will delete all the data from the new VM and start the migration from scratch.

cd /opt/infinidat/infinimetrics
bin/fab -f src/infinimetrics/ -H <IP_ADDRESS_OF_OLD_VM>

Option B - Migrate system by system

After an initial preparation stage, the migration procedure prints out the serial numbers of the systems that will be migrated, e.g. "Systems to be migrated: 1332, 1410, 3003".

If the procedure was terminated at this point, it is possible to migrate each system separately. This way any systems that were already migrated won't have to be migrated again.

To migrate a specific system, run this command:

cd /opt/infinidat/infinimetrics
bin/fab -f src/infinimetrics/ -H <IP_ADDRESS_OF_OLD_VM> migrate:<SYSTEM_SERIAL>

After migrating all systems, run this command to make sure the web server is up:

service gunicorn start

3. Rolling back to the old VM

If you need to roll back to the old InfiniMetrics 2.5.x VM:

  1. Power off the new VM.
  2. Power on the old VM.
  3. SSH to the old VM using the following credentials:
    • For the User, enter root
    • For the Password, enter the value set for the InfiniMetrics password. If a value has not been set, enter nfinidat1
  4. Run this command: "manage infinimetrics_services start"

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