Required entities

The replication uses the following entities, defined one on top of the other:

  • Ethernet ports - every InfiniBox system includes 3 controller nodes. Every node has access to all drives. Depending on the available InfiniBox model, one may have either 2 (F61xx/F21xx) or 4 (F62xx/F22xx) 10Gbps Ethernet ports per node.
  • Network space - different InfiniBox services require a network space of their own. 
    • The same network space serves both Asynchronous and Synchronous replicas
    • Separate network spaces are required for Replication and for NAS.
  • Service - an InfiniBox feature that requires network connectivity. For example: Replication, NAS.

Required ports

Please consult the InfiniBox Best Practices Guide for Setting Up the Replication Service.

Creating ports

Create a port on each of the Nodes:

On Node 1: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N1ETH1

On Node 2: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N2ETH1

On Node 3: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N3ETH1

Create a network interface

Create a network space

  • The link verifies that there are enough IP addresses on both systems (1 for Management, 3 for Synchronous replication, 3 for Asynchronous replication, as explained above)
  • For a description of Link States, see: Detaching and attaching a link
  • See detailed instructions here: Creating a link

Creating a replica

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