About this task

This task creates a volume on an InfiniBox system.

Volume capacity properties

The volume capacity properties are:

  • Size - specified upon volume creation and seen by the host SCSI initiator.
  • Used – the physical space that is allocated to the volume and was actually written into.
  • Allocated – the physical space that was allocated to the volume upon creation.
  • Tree allocated – the sum of the allocated properties of the volume’s descendants. The value of this property is zero (0) if there are no descendants.

Forecasting the effect of the created volume(s) on the pool capacity

The Volume Create screen on the GUI displays physical and virtual capacity counters for the pool that the volume belongs to. Prior to clicking on the Create button, you can click TAB, to see the effect of the volume(s) you are about to create on the pool capacity. You can change the numbers on the series field and click TAB each time, to see how the capacity changes, and to adjust the number of volumes accordingly.

Creating a series of volumes

You can either create a single volume or a batch of volumes, through the Create series field. The volumes names have a common prefix and they are indexed according to the following rule. 

  • The provided series numbers can be zero-padded (up to 5 zeros)
Volume prefixCreate seriesNumber of created volumesVolume names
v-1-55v-1 through v-5
vol-1-1010vol-1 through vol-10
v-padded-001-01010v-padded-001 through v-padded-010
v-2020v-1 through v-20

It is recommended to denote a new prefix for each batch. 


  • A pool with sufficient capacity
  • Admin or Pool Admin privileges

Before you begin

There are two options to create a volume on the GUI. One option is from the Pools screen. The other is from the Volumes & FS screen.

  • Click the Pools icon and place the cursor on the pool in which you will create the volume
  • Click the Volumes & FS icon on the toolbar on the left


  1. Create a volume either:
    • On the Pools screen, right-click a pool and select Create Volume.
    • On the Volumes screen, click Create
  2. Set the volume’s name, size and whether it is thin provisioned.
  3. Select a pool from the Pool drop-down list. Consult the physical and virtual capacity indicators.
  4. Optionally, click Advanced.
    1. (Optionally) Create a series of volumes
        1. Set the number of volumes that will be created 
        2. Specify their ordinal numbers. 
    2. (Optionally) Check SSD Cache
      By default, the volume will be created with SSD drives enabled.
      This option is available only for systems that have SSD drives. On a system with no SSD drives, this checkbox is not displayed on the screen.
  5. Click Create.

The volume is created and is visible on the Volumes & FS screen.

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