InfiniBox host connectivity

A host is an entity that represents a physical, or a virtual host that volumes can be mapped to. InfiniBox can be attached to various host systems by using its FC ports. Each InfiniBox node has 8 FC ports (a total of 24 ports on the system). The host is a server that runs an operating system that is recognized by InfiniBox and to which InfiniBox provides storage services.

Operations available on hosts

The following operations are available on hosts:

Host PowerTools

In order to attach the host to InfiniBox, there is a need to install a HostPowerTools package. More information about Host PowerTools is available on the Host PowerTools section on the Support site:

Host PowerTools compatibility and supported operating systems

This Support article specifies:

  • InfiniBox compatibility with other INFINIDAT products
  • Host PowerTools compatibility with operating systems
  • Host PowerTools compatibility with VMware Products
  • INFINIDAT OpenStack Cinder Plug-in compatibility with OpenStack
  • And many more

This Support article provides an Interoperability Matrix.

Best practices for integrations

The following articles describe best practices for integration with SAP HANA, IBM SVC, and SQL Server.

Connecting a host without using Host PowerTools

Instructions are available on this Support site article.

Connecting a cluster of hosts to InfiniBox

A host cluster is a group of independent hosts that are working together as a single system to provide high availability of services for clients. When a failure occurs on one host in a cluster, resources are redirected and the workload is redistributed to the other hosts in the cluster. 
Host clusters are designed for applications that have long-running in-memory state or frequently updated data. 

The hosts in the cluster share the same volumes mapping.  


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