About this task

This task adds a member to a consistency group on an InfiniBox system.


  • A consistency group
  • Datasets (volumes) that are added as members to the consistency group

Adding a member to a replicating consistency group

When adding a member to a replicating consistency group, the consistency group has to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • The link has to be up
  • The replica state cannot be Initializing

For more information, see Adding a member to, or removing a member from, a replicated consistency group whose replication type is SYNC

Before you begin

The purpose of the consistency group is to group datasets in a way that will allow to take consistent snapshots for all of them.

  • Note: Only volumes qualify as members of a consistency group.

Pool association

  • Upon creation, the consistency group is associated with a pool.
  • All of the volumes of a consistency group reside in the same pool. 
  • The consistency group can be moved between pools, but individual members cannot move between pools independently. 
  • When a consistency group moves, all of its members and their snapshots move with it.


  1. Click on a consistency group on the Consistency Groups tab.
    The Consistency Groups screen opens. If the consistency group has no members yet - for example, if it was just created - a bubble pops, indicates the availability of the option to add members.
  2. Click Add Members. Two options are made available on screen: 
    Create Volume - create new volumes that will be members of the consistency group.
    Add to Group - add volumes - from the list of volumes - to the consistency group
  3. Creating / adding volumes:
    • In case of adding volumes: the list displays volumes from the same pool of the consistency group. Check the desired volumes and click Add to Group.
      The volumes are added to the consistency group.
    • In case of creating a new volume, a Create Volume screen opens.
    • You can create - and add to the consistency group up to 100 volumes, according to the following guidelines:
      • Setting index numbers to volumes. The created volumes will be indexed from 1 to the set number. For example: 100.
      • Setting a range of index numbers. This option accepts any range under a limitation of 7 characters (hyphen included). For example: 101-200, 900-999. The largest index number available is 999.
    • Click Create to create the volumes. The volumes are displayed on the screen.
    • Select the volumes and click Add to Group to add them to the consistency group.

Related tasks

This task and all other filesystem tasks are available both on the GUI and InfiniShell.

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Related InfiniShell commands

  • cg.create - create a new consistency group
  • cg.add_member - add a member to a consistency group
  • cg.delete - delete a consistency group
  • cg.move - move a consistency group to another pool
  • cg.remove_member - remove a member from a consistency group
  • cg.restore - restore a consistency group from one of its snapshot groups
  • cg.rename - rename a consistency group
  • cg.query - list all consistency groups
  • cg.member_query - list all of the members of a consistency group

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