About this task

This task creates a consistency group on an InfiniBox system.


  • A pool 

Before you begin

The purpose of the consistency group is to group volumes in a way that will allow to take consistent snapshots for all of them. A group of consistent snapshots can be later used for replicating all of the grouped volumes together, maintaining a consistent replica for all of them.


  1. On the GUI: click the Volumes & FS icon. Then, click the Consistency Groups tab.
    The Consistency Groups screen opens.
  2. Click Create Group.
    The Create a Consistency Group screen opens. 
  3. Enter a name for the consistency group.
    Select a pool from the list of available pools.
    Click Create Group.

    The consistency group is created and is displayed on screen.

Related tasks

This task and all other consistency group tasks are available both on the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related GUI tasks

Related InfiniShell commands

    • cg.create - create a new consistency group
    • cg.add_member - add a member to a consistency group
    • cg.delete - delete a consistency group
    • cg.move - move a consistency group to another pool
    • cg.remove_member - remove a member from a consistency group
    • cg.restore - restore a consistency group from one of its snapshot groups
    • cg.rename - rename a consistency group
    • cg.query - list all consistency groups
    • cg.member_query - list all of the members of a consistency group

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