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Defining an LDAP server to work with InfiniBox allows LDAP users (users that are listed on the LDAP server) to access InfiniBox. LDAP servers can be either automatically discovered by InfiniBox, or identified by the user.

Before you begin

Read the User Repositories section here: Overview of user management

Defining an Active Directory or an LDAP Server

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, go to Settings, click the LDAP tab and click the Define button.
  2. Select either Active Directory or Open LDAP.
  3. Set the Repository Name - will be displayed on the InfiniBox GUI. This name does not have to be the actual LDAP server name.
  4. Do either of the following:
    1. For LDAP - Insert a server name and click Add.
    2. For Active Directory - insert the Domain Name - the name of the AD domain
  5. Select whether to Use SSL
  6. Insert the Port
  7. Insert:
    1. Bind username 
    2. Bind password
  8. (Optional) Click the Action button to change the pre-configured schema
  9. Click Define Server
    The server is defined.
  10. Proceed to Creating a user group

Creating a user group

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, go to Settings, click the Users tab.
  2. Click on Create Group.
  3. Insert the following attributes:
    1. Name - you can use any name
    2. DN - the domain that the users belong to on the LDAP server
    3. LDAP - select an LDAP server from the list. Only defined LDAP servers are available.
    4. Role - an InfiniBox user role - this will determine the level of access and control that will be granted to the users that belong to this user group
    5. Pools - in case of a user group with a Pool Admin role, this attributes will determine to which pools the users can have Admin rights 

Instructions for testing the LDAP definition

  1. From the LDAP tab, select an LDAP definition, click the Action button and select Modify Configuration.
    The Modify Active Directory Server screen opens. 
  2. Click Test.
    A success message is displayed on the screen. 
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