A VLAN (virtual LAN) is a logical interface that is configured on top of a physical interface, providing an additional virtual layer, thus allowing to support more services. Services (NAS, iSCSI, replication) can either use VLANs or other, non-VLAN interfaces. The data they send is VLAN-tagged - or not tagged - accordingly.


  • Maximum 200 VLANs per node
    Since nodes are configured symmetrically, this also means 200 VLANs per system. 


  • VLANs are only supported on LACP interfaces that were created using InfiniBox 3.0 or later
    • VLANs are not supported on LACP interfaces that were created on InfiniBox versions prior to 3.0
    • VLANs are not supported on ports.
    • To enable VLANs on pre-3.0 interfaces, contact support.
  • As VLANs inherit their state from the underlying LACP interface, they cannot be disabled
  • The name of the VLANs must be identical across all nodes.

Viewing the VLANs on the GUI

To access the VLANs view:

  1. Click Settings from the GUI menu and then click the Network Interfaces tab. Click one of the Network Interface. The Network Interface screen opens.
  2. The Network Interface screen displays the way the Network Interface uses VLANs for the various InfiniBox services.

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