This list is also available on the InfiniShell Command Reference (that is available here).

  • %clear - Clears the screen.

  • %count - Displays the number of the queried entities (rather than a list of these entities)
  • %csv - Displays the command output in CSV format. Enter the command again to exit from this mode.

  • %debug - Toggle debug prints. The command output is preceded by debugging messages.

    • In addition, you can run individual commands in debug mode. For example:
      vol.query name=v1 –xdebug
      vol.query name=v1 –d

  • %json - Displays the command output in JSON format

  • %logstart - Start command logger. Enter the command to start logging the session you are currently in.

    • %logstart file=log.txt 
      Logger activated 
      You may provide values to the parameters (none of them is mandatory).

    • The file parameter saves the log to a file with the specified name and sets the mode to append.

    • The mode parameter determines the way the log is saved into a file.

    • Append mode keeps logging to an existing log file.

    • Override mode overrides an existing log file.

    • The output parameter logs the output of each entered command.

    • The timestamp parameter adds a time stamp to each of the logged commands.

  • %logstate - Display the command logger state. This command displays the state of the logging (either on or off).

  • %logstop - Stop the command logger. This command stops logging.

  • %raw - Toggle raw API output. Enables displaying the JSON query of the commands output.

  • %user - Displays the name of the active user.

  • %version - Displays the InfiniShell version.

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