When adding a new host to an already registered cluster, the cluster should be re-registered. 


  1. Connect the new host to the InfiniBox system(s) that the other hosts in the cluster are also connected to.
    • Do not register it yet. 
  2. In vSphere Client add the host to the desired vSphere cluster.
  3. Select the vSphere cluster object.
  4. Locate Host PowerTools for VMware Infinidat View. Follow the instructions here: Locating the Infinidat View
  5. The following massage appears: "Cluster is not ready to work with InfiniBox". Press the Prepare Cluster button.
    • InfiniBox best practices settings will be applied to the new host. 
  6. Refresh the System List by pressing the Refresh Page option on the top right "more options" menu.
  7. Re-register the cluster by pressing the Re-registration button.
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